Legal Name

In all general correspondence and in our daily dealings, we use the following name:  The Melkite Catholic Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand.

However, the legal name is The Eparchy of St Michael the Archangel of Sydney, for Melkite Greek Catholics of Australia and New Zealand.

As our Eparchy is situated outside the Patriarchal territory, the Bishop and faithful are directly subject to the authority of the Apostolic See of Rome while at the same time, the Eparch is a full member of the Synod of Bishops of the Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchate.  The Bishop of the Eparchy is elected by the Synod of Bishops of the Patriarchal Church, then appointed by the Roman Pontiff.

The Melkite Greek Catholic Church, as a Patriarchal Church, is presided over by His Beatitude, Patriarch Gregory III Laham, or his successor, who acts as its Father and head in accord with the norms of law established by the supreme authority of the church (CCEO 56).

On 10 November 1963, Pope Paul VI addressed the Melkite hierarchy assembled in Rome stating: “Your Melkite Greek Catholic Church represents the most direct succession of the Apostolic Eastern tradition.  The love I bear for you causes me to pray for you to the Lord that I may not only show you my love with words, but also with deeds.”