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Archimandrite Economos Malatios Chahoud
25/12/1882 - 16/2/1967
Born in Safita, Syria and baptised Issa Girgis Chahoud. Archimandrite (Monseigneur) Chahoud was one of four brothers and three sisters, to Girgis Chahoud, farmer and his wife, Barboura Touma. 

On 15 December 1895, at 13-years-old, Monseigneur Chahoud joined the Basilian Chouerite Order of St John the Baptist at Khonshara, Lebanon. On 6 November 1898, at 16-years-old, Monseigneur Chahoud took his vows, as a monk, in front of the Superior General, Economos Yousif Kfoury, and was given the religious name, Malatios. Four years later, on 27 December 1902, he was ordained a deacon, by Bishop Malatios Fakkak Kfoury in the Melkite Cathedral of Beirut. On 25 July 1904 he was ordained a priest, by Bishop Flabianos Kfoury, at the Monastery of St John the Baptist, at Konshara, Lebanon. 
In Beirut, Monseigneur Chahoud was for several years, the Inspector of schools, while teaching Christian Studies. He was Parish Priest in Douma, Lebanon. In August 1911, Monseigneur Chahoud was appointed director of the Basilian Chouerite Sisters of The Monastery of the Annunciation, in Zouq Mykael, Lebanon until 1919. 

Then in 1919, he was elected superior of the Monastery of St John the Baptist at Khonshara, Lebanon. In 1922, at the request of the Patriarch Demetrius Cardi, he was commissioned to be the representative of the Monastery of St John the Baptist, in Cairo, Egypt where he stayed until 1929. On 15 March 1929, he succeeded the late Superior General, Economos Mkhail Kfoury of St Elias Monastery in Zahlé, Lebanon, becoming Economos Malatios Chahoud. He was also appointed by the Apostolic Delegate to the position of Adviser on the leadership council of St Elias Monastery. He remained Superior General, of St Elias Monastery until he was posted to Sydney in 1934. 

On 24 March 1952, the Consul-General of Lebanon in Sydney, Mr Edward Ghorra conferred, The Lebanese Medal of Merit and Honour, on Monseigneur Economos Chahoud, for his services to the Lebanese Community in Australia. 

For 33 years, Monseigneur Economos Chahoud served the Melkite community and the wider Arabic and English-speaking communities and remains the longest-serving Melkite priest in Australia. Monseigneur Economos Chahoud is remembered ‘in all the positions in which he served, he was a model of monastic perfection and an example of lively action and good manners’.  

In 1966, due to ill health, Monseigneur Economos Chahoud returned to the Monastery of St John the Baptist in Khonshara, Lebanon. 

Monseigneur Economos Chahoud died aged 85. He is buried in the Monastery of St John the Baptist, Konshara, Lebanon. 
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