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FEAST DAY:  15 August
12. The Dormition of the Theotokas (Assumption).jpg
ICON: Shows Mary, the Theotokos, on her deathbed surrounded by the Apostles. Jesus stands in the centre looking at His mother. He is holding a child clothed in white representing the pure soul of His mother. With His golden garments, the angels above His head, and the mandorla surrounding Him, Jesus is depicted in His divine glory. The gates of heaven are open, and Jesus is ready to receive His mother into heaven.

The Apostles are all directed toward, the Theotokos. On her right St Peter censes her body and on her left St Paul bows in honour. There are also bishops and women gathered. The bishops traditionally represented are James, Timothy, Heirotheus, and Dionysius the Areopagite. They are shown wearing episcopal vestments. The women are members of the church in Jerusalem.

Early writings place Mary’s death in Jerusalem, a few years after the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

When the time came for Jesus to bring His Mother to heaven, it was announced to her by an angel three days in advance. Having understood this, Mary went to the Mount of Olives to pray and thank God. Early writings speak of the Apostles being summoned and/or transported miraculously to attend the Theotokos at her passing. When the Theotokos reposes, they see Jesus taking her soul to heaven. 

It is said, the Apostles as instructed by Jesus, laid down the Theotokos’ body in Gethsemane in a new tomb. Three days later during a gathering for consolation, the Apostles raised bread in Jesus' name, and the Theotokos appeared to them saying: "Rejoice!”. They knew then that she had ascended into heaven.

The Feast of the Dormition celebrates an essential teaching in our faith—the resurrection of the body. The Feast of the Dormition is one of hope in, resurrection and life eternal. Like those who gathered around the body of the Theotokos, we gather around our departed loved ones and commend their souls into the hands of the Lord.


عيد بشارة سيّدتنا والدة الإله الفائقة القداسة الدائمة البتوليّة مريم

تاريخ العيد:  25 أذار

هذه ذكرى تجسّد الكلمة، وبه صارت العذراء مريم امّ الله. هذه الأمومة الإلهية هي أساس النعم والامتيازات كلّها التي غمر بها الله مريم العذراء:" السلام عليك يا ممتلئة نعمة، الرب معك". إن أم الكلمة المتجسد، آدم الجديد، ورأس البشرية لخلاصها، أي سيدتنا مريم العذراء هي أيضاً بالروح أمّ الجنس البشري، أمنُّا جميعاً، بسبب اتحادنا بالكلمة، بوصفنا أعضاء لجسد واحد هو رأسه، تنبع الحياة الإلهية فيه. مريم العذراء، برضوخها لإرادة الله ("أنا أمة الرب، فليكن لي بحسب قولك") الذي اختارها في مخطط التجسّد والفداء، أضحت شريكة الكلمة في تحقيق هذا القصد الإلهي لحياة البشرية البنوية والشكر الحميم، والوعي العميق للسرّ الذي بدأ اليوم يظهر للعالم، بفتاة الناصرة الوديعة والناصعة الطهر، " لأنه نظر إلى تواضع أمته، فها منذ الآن تغبطني جميع الأجيال، لأن القدير صنع بي عظائم".

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