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Jesus Christ is the one, true priest of the Church. The priestly ministry of Christ is continued in the Church in the three roles of bishop, priest, and deacon.

They are set apart through ordination to serve the Church; to preach, teach and shepherd the people of God; to celebrate the Holy Mysteries; to preserve correct doctrine; and to keep the body united in the love of Christ.

The priesthood assures the unity, structure, and continuity of the Church from age to age and from place to place from the time of Christ and the Apostles until the establishment of God’s Kingdom in heaven.
Bishops are the successors to the Apostles, the chief shepherds and administrators of the Church and the guardians and teachers of the true faith. The bishop alone has the authority to ordain and appoint priests and deacons and to consecrate churches. However, three bishops, or at least two with the consent of a third, ordain a bishop. Since the 6th century, it has been the rule that bishops are appointed and ordained from the celibate or widower clergy. 

Priests shepherd and administer local parishes, they teach and celebrate the Holy Mysteries and take counsel with the bishop concerning the affairs of the diocese. Married priests are allowed, but marriage after ordination is not permitted. 
Deacons assist the bishops and priests in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy and other Church services. They will often head or assist in pastoral liturgical and teaching responsibilities, educational programs, and youth groups, do hospital visitations and missionary work, and undertake social welfare projects. Married deacons are allowed, but marriage after ordination is not permitted. 
Like the Latin Rite, the ministries of bishop, priest and deacon are restricted to men. In earlier times, women were ordained as deaconesses.

As the Apostles received the gift of the Holy Spirit to go forward and make Christ’s presence known, so the clergy of the Church receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to maintain and to demonstrate Christ’s presence and action in the Churches.
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