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Holy Saviour School is an independent, co-educational Catholic primary school founded on the Melkite Catholic Apostolic tradition. The culture of Holy Saviour School is one of shared values and a commitment to quality Catholic education.
The school motto, Unity in Diversity, is inspired by St Augustine who said―

"Let there be unity in essentials, freedom in non-essentials, and charity in all things."
The mission of Holy Saviour School is to provide children with an education that serves to inspire, empower, and motivate them to use their gifts and talents in loving service of God and others. 

Holy Saviour School has a proud reputation for quality learning and teaching. Their dedicated, skilled teachers and administrative team nurture innovative and supportive learning environments and advocate for the highest standards of shared teacher/student respect, responsibility, and integrity.

To know more, please visit Holy Saviour School
O Holy Saviour,
We come to you as children from all nations
Bless our school community
Help us to know and love you
Teach us to love and care for each other
Look after each one of us as
We grow in the unity of our faith
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