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As Melkite Catholics we profess our belief in a public life of worship, fellowship, and service. Most importantly, as part of God’s family, we join in worship. There are many ways we can participate in the Divine Liturgy― 
  • Altar servers ― Melkite children from their infancy are important members of our Church, there is never a time, when the young are not part of God’s people. 

    Altar servers’, joyous and prayerful presence enriches our Divine Liturgy, even more. It gives them the opportunity to participate, serve God and develop leadership skills. Our parishes welcome children, from eight years of age, who wish to be altar servers. There is training in the role through each parish and importantly there is not a compulsory retirement age!
  • Children’s catechesis ― Our children bring joy, love, and life to our Church. Each of our parishes has a team of caring young people, mothers and fathers who lead our pre-school and primary school children in the education of our faith in a thoughtful, fun, and engaging environment. If you would like to join your parish’s team of catechists or like your child(ren) to be part of the catechesis classes, you and they will be most welcome.
  • Lectors ― Proclaim the Word of God, through the Sacred Scriptures (except for the Gospel), at Sunday Divine Liturgy and other liturgical celebrations. The men and women who proclaim the Sacred Scriptures prepare for this role with great dignity and deliver the Word of God with clarity, conviction, and appropriate pace. Each Parish Priest will discuss and lead the lector in the theological, practical, and spiritual aspects of this important ministry. Proclamation of the Sacred Scriptures is truly a service to our Melkite Church.
  • Choir ― Ancient ecclesiastic music and the sacred chants of our Byzantine rite are a glorious and indispensable part of our worship. All present chant with one soul and one voice, led by the choir. If you have a voice, we want to hear it. If you have the skills to lead a choir, we want to experience them.
Please participate in any of the liturgical roles and join in worship to express the Glory of the risen Christ among us. To be a part of this contact your Parish Priest.
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