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The St John’s Melkite Pipes & Drums is based at St John the Beloved Parish, Greenacre Sydney and has been a joyous part of our parishes and community celebrations for over 25 years. 
Our Melkite tradition embraces the beauty of music to express reverence for our faith, love, and life. In the Melkite communities of our homelands, the marching band, is a proud and beautiful tradition, that leads the celebratory processions on Feast Days.
St John’s Melkite Pipes & Drums’ mission is to glorify God through music and bring joy and connectedness to our Melkite community. St John’s Melkite Pipes & Drums is honoured to lead all our Parishes’ celebrations and Feast Days. 

If you can play an instrument, come join us. If you would like to join us but cannot play an instrument, we offer tuition. This is what you need to know―
St John’s Melkite Pipes & Drums practice sessions
St John’s Church Hall, 80 Waterloo Road, Greenacre
every Tuesday 6.00pm-7.30pm
Bag Pipe & Snare Drum tutors
$10/person each week. Instruments supplied
Everyone in each of our Parishes is Welcome! Be part of the St John’s Melkite Pipes & Drums―learn to play an instrument, have fun, embrace your tremendous Melkite traditions, connect with your community, and make new friends.

To know more, please contact Rachel 

Telephone 0433 433 514 

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