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It is your time. Celebrate being young and being Melkite.
Our Parishes in Australia and New Zealand have iMelkite committees of young people who are enthusiastic about keeping our Melkite identity with its rich Eastern traditions and culture thriving. 

One of the best and most enjoyable ways to do this is to come together to worship and share our joy in each other’s company. The  iMelkite committees in each of our Parish’s organise―
  • Youth masses and spiritual retreats
  • Fund raising events, like walkathons and bike rides
  • Movie and social nights
  • Dinner dances
  • Day trips
  • Picnics
  • Friendly sports competitions―netball, football, soccer, basketball.
At times, the iMelkite committees work together to host joint prayer gatherings and social events, so the youth from our different Parishes can meet, pray and socialise. This is what you need to know―
Visit your Parish’s Facebook page and find out what events are happening. 

Then get together with your siblings and cousins and each of you invite your friends. 

They will be blown away by our culture, our food, our music and dance, and our Melkite community. 
If you would like to join your Parish’s iMelkite committee, you will be most welcomed. 

It is easy to find out who to speak to, to join, simply contact your
Parish Priest
Congregate     Pray     Celebrate
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